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Saurabh Chopra is a highly skilled machine learning engineer and full-stack developer with a passion for developing cutting-edge AI and ML solutions. With a Master's degree in Artificial Intelligence from Royal Holloway, University of London and experience working with companies such as V7, X-Chem and Segmind, Saurabh has a proven track record of delivering innovative solutions that drive business results.

Key Skills:

  • Machine Learning Engineering & Research, Full-Stack Development, DevOps.
  • Proficient in Python. Also worked on Rust, C++ and many others.
  • ML/AI tools: PyTorch, Tensorflow, Scikit-Learn, MMDetection, Decision Trees etc.
  • Data Science tools: Pandas, Numpy, Pyarrow, Polars, Dask, Metaflow etc.
  • Infra: Kubernetes, Terraform, Argo Workflows, Docker.
  • CICD: Github Actions, AWS Codebuild, AWS Codedeploy, CircleCI etc.
  • Cloud: Proficinet in AWS. Also worked on GCP, Azure, Cloudflare etc.
  • API Protocols: REST, SOAP, WebSockets, MQTT, GraphQL etc.
  • Databases: Proficient in PostgreSQL. Also worked on TimescaleDB, MySQL, MongoDB, MSSQL, DynamoDB, etc.
  • VCS: Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket

Research Publications:

  • Human Action Recognition Using Multi-Stream Fusion and Hybrid Deep Networks [Published at IEEE]

Current Work:

Saurabh is currently a Platform Engineer at V7 in London, UK where he is reponsible for the development for the open-source python SDK - darwin-py; and managing AWS & GCP infra and making sure they're compliant with SOC2, ISO and HIPPA controls. Evangelizing Python accross the wider organization.

Previous Experience:

At X-Chem (Glamorous-AI), Saurabh was a Machine Learning and MLOps Engineer in London, UK where he was responsible for developing core services with cost-effective and efficient solutions. He has also built CICD pipelines for multiple projects and has Strong understanding of Python, build systems, Docker and Linux. He also maintains the JupyterHub Server for all users.

At Segmind, Saurabh was a SDE - Open Source and worked on the development of MLOps platform using Tensorflow, Keras, MMDetection and other technologies. He also developed the Segmind Open Source Python Library and customised Mlflow-lite (based on MLflow) so that users can work seamlessly on ML Experiments in Jupyter Notebooks.

At Gram Power Inc, Saurabh was a Full Stack Lead and developed ML & AI algorithms for Appliance Disaggregation using clustering and unsupervised learning algorithms. He also integrated the platform with multiple government entities, payment gateways, and DevOps tools.

At Thoughts2Binary Consulting & Solutions, Saurabh was a Full Stack Developer and worked on integrating multiple open source CMS's with Python framework - Django and Serverless middleware platform - AWS Lamba, AWS SQS, S3, DynamoDB. He also developed custom plugins for various CMS's and integrated payment gateways such as Stripe and Paypal.

Saurabh's expertise in various programming languages, AI/ML tools, and cloud platforms is a testament to his versatile skill set and ability to deliver impactful results. To learn more about Saurabh's work, visit his website at or reach out via email.